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Hilton Head Island, SC (7/12/15)

Dr. Conrad H. Easley of Hilton Head Island, SC, wrote a glowing testimonial about service received by Byron Hill of Piper Plumbing.

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Hilton Head Island, SC (10/28/14)

We had a leak that appeared to be coming from the slab. After two weeks of trying to get estimates from various plumbers, Piper Plumbing came out and reviewed our situation. The leak was not from the slab as others had predicted, but a relief valve from a hot water heater in the attic. Piper Plumbing saved us thousands of dollars and the headache of dealing with a slab leak.

Thank you! We have found ourselves a new plumber.
— Ted W

Hilton Head Island, SC (8/22/14)

I had an issue with the install of my dishwasher that I purchased recently. Piper Plumbing came out and fixed the problem immediately! Thank you very much for the follow-up and professional service. I will call you again when I need another install!
— Heather M

Hilton Head Island, SC (7/18/2014)

Once again Piper Plumbing saved the day for me! Michael responded to my call on a Sunday afternoon to a house with a major plumbing problem. We will use Piper Plumbing again and again due to their professionalism and immediate response to our calls. Thanks again, Michael!!
— Linda S

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Bluffton, SC (7/2/2014)

We had a sewage backup at Plantation Point in one building caused by someone pouring grease down a drain. Fourteen condos had water backing up in their tubs and toilets! We called a plumber who could not get the drain unclogged.

We then called Piper Plumbing, and Marion and Michael were here in no time. They used a heavy equipment machine that unclogged the drain and saved the day for this Community Association Manager. They were very experienced and very friendly and professional. The next time we need a plumber, Piper Plumbing will be the first company we call! Thanks Piper Plumbing!!!
— Vicki Bruno

Hilton Head Island, SC (6/6/2014)

Kudos to Waylon!! I called him on a Sunday night for help with a property that had a sewage backup outside the house. He responded immediately and saved the day for me as well as the guests! We will certainly use your company again in the future, including the follow up work suggested by Waylon.
— Linda S

Hilton Head Island, SC (11/20/2013)

I must say the experience and service rendered by Piper Plumbing and their service man Waylon Webb were above excellent. I felt my concerns about plumbing mess etc. were not visible after the service and that knowledge and expertise were recognizable from the onset. GREAT SERVICE!
— G.M.B.

Pleasant Valley, NY (4/1/2013)

I would like to thank Piper Plumbing as I am a new owner in Hilton Head. I noticed a leak under the bathroom sink, and called Piper Plumbing. A technician was sent out to fix the problem in a timely manner. I commend Jorge Aparicio on his excellent work!! He not only did a great job, he also was friendly and explained what he had done. He was a pleasure to deal with and I would definitely use Piper Plumbing again for any plumbing issues that I may have.
— Diane / Allen Denardo

Hilton Head Island, SC (2/5/13)

The Children’s Center is a non-profit daycare serving Hilton Head and Bluffton. We had a plumbing emergency, called Piper Plumbing, and they were there within an hour. Mark Piper Plumbing came himself and worked on our problem for 5 days (over a holiday weekend). Mark fixed our problem and when asked for an invoice, he stated “NO CHARGE!”

What a wonderful gesture. Piper Plumbing is looking out for our community, helping make our daycare more affordable to parents. A big “Thank You” goes out to you folks at Piper Plumbing.
— Rick Christian

Lawrenceburg, IN (1/21/13)

We are new to Hilton Head home ownership. I knew that someday I would explore the possibility of removing our two hot water heaters from the attic to another place. Well, we walked into the home and water was running out as fast as it was coming in! Thank God, the drip pan worked and the water was going out the overflow! Bad hot water heaters: I called Piper Plumbing.

Once Waylon came for the initial consult for options, he was extremely helpful and took the approach of advising what “he” would do. Well we took the old tanks out of the attic and put our new one in the corner of the garage. He offered advice and was very good at instilling a feeling of ‘comfort’ and confidence to us, the owners, that we were in good hands.

Work was done with great care. We are extremely satisfied with the work, and most importantly with the attitude of Waylon, as well as Tony Piper Plumbing, his assistant for the time worked here!
— Julius Bellegia

Hilton Head Island, SC (6/13/12)

We just finished up what I thought would be a nasty plumbing problem, but Piper Plumbing made the experience a pleasant one. I have liked all the plumbers they have sent, and I thought Piper Plumbing very reasonable in pricing; however, I must say Marion really was above my expectations. I will continue to call Piper Plumbing.
— Kerry Griffin

Hilton Head Island, SC (2/10/12)

I had the worst kind of leak – my water bill doubled, but there was no evidence of water anywhere. Piper Plumbing’s leak detection crew was very patient and persistent, finally finding the damaged pipe about three feet down (very deep for HHI), under the concrete slab of the entrance hallway. Needless to say, it was a dirty process, so I was amazed and very appreciative of the clean-up, which included more than a yard of dirt in the hallway.

Persistent and professional – what more could you ask for!
— Michael Costa

Hilton Head Island, SC (1/19/12)

Let me start by saying if you need a plumber for your commercial plumbing, the search STOPS HERE!

During my recent work on Hilton Head Island at a major Retail Store, Marion Dobson and Gary Epperley managed to complete the scope of work required in an impeccable short amount of time.

From a professional point of view, having Piper Plumbing on your jobsite will reduce the chance of any problems. I take my hat off to Marion and Gary and would be honored to have them on my jobsite anytime anywhere.
— A.J. Siegler Rick Shipman Construction Inc. (Dexter, Mo)

Hilton Head Island, SC (11/16/11)

Like many homes on Hilton Head, ours has two hot water tanks, both 80 gallons. Piper Plumbing replaced the main one a year ago, after it failed and we had a warm shower coming from the ceiling.

I was having a cup of coffee in the kitchen recently when I heard the drip, drip again. I turned off the water and called Piper Plumbing.

The technician who came out talked with me about the two tanks. He said we should be fine with only one. So instead of having to buy another tank and paying the electric company every month, we just had him rework the hot water lines. It saved us hundreds of dollars. And when we figure in the power, it will save us thousands!

Thanks Piper Plumbing!
— Paul Myer

Marietta, GA (11/10/11)

I recently had Piper Plumbing replace a water heater. The service was completed without my being present. The agent I spoke to – Brandy Hunter – was very pleasant and answered my questions. The installation was completed in a timely manner and was below the estimated cost. I highly recommend them.
— Paul Charette

Hilton Head Island, SC (8/4/11)

I’ve been the President of The Preserve at Indigo Run ever since it was converted 8 years ago. When I took over, I was relatively new to the Island and initially explored all available vendors on the Island. I soon came to realize the importance of being able to depend on crucial vendors to do their jobs, not just at 2 PM on a Wednesday afternoon but also at 3 AM on a Saturday morning. I believe The Preserve is now dealing with vendors that do what we expect, when we expect, and with professionalism.

I would not hesitate to recommend Piper Plumbing for ANYTHING that involves plumbing matters. Not just the normal stopped up drains, but also the serious problems that are inevitable. After 8 years of working with plumbers on a large scale, I believe that Piper Plumbing is the ONLY plumber a plantation or an individual property owner should use. They know what they’re doing and they do it with competitive pricing.
— Ross Pascall, President Board of Directors, The Preserve at Indigo Run Owner’s Association.

Bluffton, SC (8/4/11)

I appreciate you replacing my hot water heater the same day I called — and for less than Lowe’s! Marion was professional and experienced. A shower’s going to feel good!

Thank you!
— Julie Edwards

Hilton Head Island, SC (7/26/11)

Marion Dobson just completed another plumbing job for us. We also asked that he install an outdoor “foot shower” for everyone to use after being at the beach. Marion was at his usual best — fast, friendly and concerned for service and value. Thanks to Marion and to Piper Plumbing.
— Bob Landell, Lawton Villas

Hilton Head Island, SC (7/18/11)

Mark Piper Plumbing and his team have done a great job of restoring the functionality of the plumbing systems at two of our commercial facilities. They were able to work around the Island Tire & Automotive Services’ schedules to avoid any disruptions to our team’s work. They also have come up with some cost effective means to correct several long-term existing problems. Great team to work with! While no one wants a plumbing problem, if we have one we know who we are calling first: Piper Plumbing. Great job guys.
— Berry Edwards

Hilton Head Island, SC 6/24/11

When one has a plumbing problem, all that is wanted is a prompt response and peace of mind that the plumbers know their trade. As an individual owners and regime president, I have had that peace of mind for over two decades of using the services of Piper Plumbing. From the moment of calling Vivian, to the assignment of a technician, we have the peace of mind in knowing that the problem will be solved and repaired in a very timely manner.

Piper Plumbing is an established firm with excellent technicians that is responsive, be it a weekday, weekend or holiday. You will always have the peace of mind that you are being provided with efficiency in the delivery of repair services that contribute to cost-efficient repairs. Lawton Villas is one of the older regimes in Sea Pines and Piper Plumbing staff members Marion, Mark, and Jorge have made it a point to know the plumbing scheme for the villas. This has earned Piper Plumbing the praise and confidence of the villa owners who make them “first call.”

We highly recommend Piper Plumbing for their service, knowledgeable staff and response, which translates to peace of mind for the villa owners.
— Joseph P. Fletcher Jr., President – Lawton Villas Horizontal Regime

Hilton Head Island, SC 6/24/11

We arrived at our home at 9pm to find an awful plumbing disaster. A call went out at 9:15pm to Piper Plumbing. We prayed the problem would be fixed quickly. Waylon arrived in a short amount of time and did an AMAZING job with a smile. We are ever so thankful for the service. Thank you so much for the late-night rescue!
— Eileen & Bill Moore

Hilton Head Island, SC (6/15/11)

I have been involved with Mark Piper Plumbing in one capacity or another for well over a decade now. His pride in performance and his business are second to none. Mark’s business continues to become bigger and better on account of the excellent service and reputation.

Businesses as well as personal residents can trust the workmanship and reliability that all involved with Piper Plumbing provide. For all of your plumbing needs from service to installation, one call will take care of it all.
— John Hollman

Hilton Head Island, SC (6/9/11)

As usual, Piper Plumbing responded promptly and replaced a defunct disposal in 30 minutes. Jorge (George) is always friendly and knowledgeable and he performed the task with little disruption and, in addition, left the cabinet under the sink clean and dry. I have used Mark’s service for over 10 years and have never been dissatisfied with the results. I highly recommend the company and the entire crew for any plumbing job big or small.
— Jack Hurst

Hilton Head Island, SC (6/2/11)

Piper Plumbing has serviced my villa in Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island since 1984. Often, I would call from my home in New Jersey for additional work to be done before my arrival. Piper Plumbing techs are very competent and fearless. I would recommend Piper Plumbing for great service and their courtesy.
— Joan E. White

Hilton Head, SC (5/27/11)

I have been working with Piper Plumbing for two years. I would recommend them to anyone. They are prompt, dependable, but most of all very caring and willing to take care of you.
— Mrs. Gordon

Hilton Head, SC (5/26/11)

I’ve used Piper Plumbing for well over a decade and I am always happy with their knowledge, service and pricing. It’s always great to deal with a family operated local business that takes care me and my family business.

Thank you, Mark, and all the others behind the scenes that make it all work.
— David S. Myers, Kigre Inc.

Bluffton, SC 5/24/11

My wife and I are residents of Pennsylvania and recently purchased a second home in Bluffton. After closing, we needed some repairs done to the hot water tanks, as detected in the inspection report. We contacted Piper Plumbing and had a representative there the next day for an estimate. During the estimate appointment, I mentioned several plumbing-related matters to the representative, who was very happy to investigate the issues while they were there to do the hot water tank repairs. Since we had to return to Pennsylvania, I left a key with the Piper Plumbing representative for access to the house during the repairs.

The original repairs were finished very timely, in a professional manner. While investigating the “other” matters, it was discovered that the main sewer line was plugged with roots from a nearby tree. The Piper Plumbing crew stayed at the job site until all the repairs were completed and kept me very well informed throughout the process. Other than having a plugged main sewer line, there were no surprises throughout the repairs. I had pictures of the problem, a daily update of the progress and the security of knowing that true professionals were on the job.

The plumbing in the house is now in perfect working condition, thanks to the professionals of Piper Plumbing. I highly recommend them to anyone needing anything related plumbing.
— Greg Chambers

Hilton Head Island, SC 5/24/11

Piper Plumbing is a pleasure to work with. They deliver an extremely fast, professional and competitive service that is unrivalled, and I have no hesitation in recommending them.
— Colleen Renew Broker-in-Charge, Rental Homes and Villas Sales, LLC